Day 7 - Fresh Start


Wow, here we are on day seven! Over the last six days you have read about the basic tools that will help you keep momentum in staying connected to Jesus. So, don’t stop doing the essential things that you have learned so far. Welcome to your new life as a believer in Jesus! Come alongside us on this discipleship path to guide you toward God’s plan for your life as you become His committed disciple.



Water baptism is a public demonstration and declaration of an individual’s faith in Jesus and his or her desire to follow Him. Baptism is the NEXT STEP in your walk with Jesus. For a better understanding about water baptism visit baptism.


No matter who we are or where we are, we all need to grow. Our GROW classes will help you discover how God sees you, and will encourage you to reach the next level in your life and relationship with Him. Classes take place monthly August through May. Our GROW classes will help you understand the values and vision of Christian Life. We’ll share our story with you—why we do what we do and where we are going. Learn more at


We all need community. CLC Life Groups (small groups) can help cultivate some of the most important friendships in your life. We have Life Groups located throughout the Chambersburg area September through December and February through May. Find a Life Group at


We are following the example of Jesus when we serve. There are many opportunities to serve and use your God-given gifts and talents at Christian Life. Find opportunities and sign up at


Moving people from a believer in Jesus to a disciple of Jesus is at the heart of everything we do at Christian Life. There are many resources available to help you with this. One resource we recommend is a book, 10: Qualities That Move You From a Believer to a Disciple, by Dennis Rouse. It can be purchased at Amazon Smile or from the church office.


Our hope is that you will continue your journey of faith here with us at Christian Life! In the last seven days we have given you several important steps to fulfilling our mission here at Christian Life – to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE and SERVE WITH PASSION. We are so glad you accepted the challenge to LOVE GOD through prayer, bible reading, and by gathering with us for our corporate Celebration Service and study times together. And to LOVE PEOPLE by fellowshipping and doing life together at our gathering times as well as by sharing your new faith with others. We have introduced you to our SERVE process so you can serve like Jesus taught us to. Here are a couple more ways to find out more about CLC and its mission:


Sign up to attend a VIP lunch. These lunches usually happen on the first Sunday of the month. You will dine with Pastor Joe and Debbie and learn more about Christian Life.


Another step you can take is becoming a member of Christian Life. We encourage people who have the same heart and goals to partner with us through membership. Membership allows you to serve in more areas of ministry and vote on future decisions within the church. Visit to learn more about membership at Christian Life.

For other opportunities to connect, visit our website at and explore.


Double down on your decision to come back to church again this weekend! Then browse through the above list, find the one that speaks to you the most (perhaps water baptism) and decide to take the next step in that area. 

Fresh Start: Beginning Your Faith Journey


As a new believer, what’s next? Being a Christian is bigger than praying and asking God into your heart. Discover what your next steps should be through seven days of encouragement in our Fresh Start: Beginning Your Faith Journey e-Book, a guide that will walk you through how to move from just believing in Jesus to becoming His disciple. Click here to download your copy today.